Testimonials (Individuals)

See what people are saying about Harris Kerns Self-Discipline Program and how it has worked for them!

Ross, Los Angeles

Harris, I wanted to share my appreciation. I was jobless living on the beach in 2012 in a bad relationship with a lack of direction. You were a lifeline, got me focused on getting a job. I did. You got me exercising every day. You were again a lifeline when I was working my ass off in the same job with no end in sight, not knowing how to cope. some pretty troubled waters…

Pleased to say that I received a big bump in my base and a bonus early last year specially authorized by the board ( only 1 of 2 in the company) –means I cleared almost a $0.5M. I was also granted a 12 month severance package and promoted to VP. for ’16 the CEO has assigned me from finance into ops waking as the COOs #2. Amazing how life can work like that. You are one of very few people that saw me at my worst, the hell I went through and how hard I worked to get back on top.

Thank you

Jessica Bowen, Houston, TX

Harris, thank you for helping me to become a better more well-rounded person, a better role model for my daughter, a better employee (quickly helping to increase my earnings by 30%) and for giving me the ability to live my life to its fullest potential.

About 10 years ago I was diagnosed with Adult ADD due to my lack of self-discipline, lack of motivation and lack of self-control. This had been a life-long struggle for me. Through the years I searched for help. I worked with several counselors to help combat the depression that these ADD symptoms caused but counseling was not the answer to the root of the problem. I interviewed life-coaches never working with one because I already knew who I was and what goals I wanted to achieve and this is where their focus was, not in helping to attain the daily self-discipline to be a great achiever. I started to believe that high levels of self-discipline and willpower were out of my reach and that maybe it was something you had to be born with.

Boy was I wrong!!!

Your methods, dedication and honesty are exciting and truly unique. And the fact that no one could ever classify me as ADD again is proof of this. I now leap out of bed each morning with a sense of urgency & enthusiasm. My self-esteem and energy levels are higher than ever, my health is dramatically improving with each day that goes by and I am more productive then I ever thought possible. I am grateful that the opportunity of being mentored by you has presented itself and I am looking forward to continuing this learning and life-changing experience.

Warmest Regards,
Jessica Bowen

Jeff Kimmel, Boston, MA

I had the privilege of participating in Harris Kern’s discipline mentoring P²GP program for approximately one and a half years. During that time I enjoyed consistent growth within my organization, largely due to the mentoring and guidance of the program. A year and a half into the program I accepted a higher position in a highly successful firm, showing the true testament to the success of the PG²P program. I could say that I stopped participating in the program at that time; however, the skills that Harris helped strengthen remain and his mentoring approach allows these skills to continually grow. The time management skills, drive and the diligence that the program stressed not only keeps me on track in terms of setting new personal and professional goals but it continually helps me to attain them. Harris’ ability to understand people and the ability to craft a unique plan for each individual is a true talent and would make the P²GP program an excellent fit for any individual or group.

Siavosh Sharestani, San Francisco, CA

“You have truly helped me with your guidance and support in the last few months. Your focus on building self discipline is very effective at creating concrete results. I’d recommend your coaching to anyone who wants to make significant changes and improvements in their life. “

Chakravarti Raghavan, Los Angeles, CA

“I have been extremely fortunate to have found Harris. Ever since the day i chose to get personal coaching from Harris i began to make progress on a daily basis consistently. Since he checks status everyday any slip up is corrected within 24 hrs. I met Harris 71 days ago and i worked out 59 hrs since and burned 40232 calories and lost 15 lbs and my diet has never been this much better ever. I have never in my life had worked out with such discipline and stuck to a goal on everyday basis. It’s turning out to be a great journey and i look forward to a whole lot more. I have now added another area to my goals and since 3 weeks i have been on target with that too. I would highly recommend anyone to work with Harris if they have any kind of discipline issues or want to get something to get on a roll.”

Couple of things that i really love about his coaching and why it works for me:

  • There is everyday focus on the top goal and that’s why i was able to achieve results and have such discipline. If it were a one call a week i doubt it would have worked for me.
  • There is no compromise. You do everything you can to get the result. I love his hardcore attitude since i believe that you have to deserve the success. But it’s been fun too since we see the results.

Eve Barry, Los Angeles, CA

At 48, I am in excellent state of health. I stand 5’ 4 1/2”, weighing 118 pounds, with 24% body fat and wear a size 4 petite. I enjoyed the complements I received from people almost half my age for the way I looked and the manner I carried myself. Clothed or unclothed, I love what I see every time I looked at the mirror.

Do I look like this before? Not at all! It seems like yesterday when, I wore a size 8, weigh 130 pounds with 34% of body fat. I hated what I saw in the mirror . . . a double chin, rounded face reflection, with sagging arms, flat behind, and barrel-shaped stature. I had spent a lot of monies for a personal trainer, worked out 5 times a week and did my prescribed “fitness” program, but nothing seem to work.

Until I met Harris a few years ago in the local gym in Woodland Hills, California, and we became workout buddies. Being a morning person, I start my day in the gym at 4:00 am. Harris is the right person to be with at that hour. He keeps me motivated and pushes me to the limit. I never have thought I can squat with a 45 and a 25 pounds iron plates on each side of the barbell. Harris made me do it!

Best of all, Harris showed me the right way towards the attainment of my goals . . . to LOOK GOOD, to FEEL GOOD and be a SUCCESS in my profession! Harris is a MENTOR and will always be my mentor. I read all his books in discipline, (Discipline Unleashing Your Hidden Potential and Discipline: Training the Mind to Manage Your Life), which I critique all the time, but are very good resource materials to keep you in track with your goals.

Jenny Mittlestat, Dallas, TX

Before Harris started mentoring me in Discipline, I was constantly tired and lacking energy; feeling exhausted every day when I got home from work. I always felt like there wasn’t enough time in the day to do everything I wanted. I was only exercising maybe 2-3 times per week, sometimes not at all, and although I thought I had a healthy diet, my eating habits were not the best and I was not happy with the way I looked.

After reading Harris’ books about discipline I realized that my lack of discipline was preventing me form accomplishing my goals and feeling good about myself. I was wasting so much time through out the day that I didn’t even realize was there. I subsequently decided to join his Discipline Mentoring Program and under his guidance I am now exercising in the mornings 6 times per week. I have modified my eating habits thanks to Harris’ guidance. My energy level has increased, so I am no longer as tired when I get home from work, allowing me to accomplish more in a day. I also have a renewed sense of self-confidence.

Even though Harris lives 2000 miles away from me, and our communication is only via phone and email, our frequent conference calls kept me on track and I was able to more clearly define my goals and priorities for life. Thanks to Harris’ discipline mentoring, there is no limit to what I can accomplish.

Jonathan Pirir, Los Angeles, CA

I previously worked for a commercial insurance broker in Los Angeles. One evening I had dinner with a manager from the local office and the Chief Information Officer from corporate. Both of them were discussing company operations. The topic of management came up. During the conversation I was referred to as a “neophyte”. They both felt that there needed to be a process for helping and guiding management neophytes. At the time the Los Angeles office was growing and I was the local IT person. I did not have the title of manager but my boss had expressed an interest in promoting me to manager. At the time I didn’t think much about being a “neophyte”. I chalked it up to my age. I was about 25 at the time. I figured I would get beyond it on my own in time.

Today I completely understand the context of the conversation that evening. Over the last year you have been working with me on making improvements in the area of communication, time management, and leadership skills. When it comes to technology I can read a book, search on-line, or attend a class. When it comes to making personal improvements it’s not as easy. I have been working at the same place for 7 years.
In 2006 I was promoted to Infrastructure manager. I knew at the time it would be a challenge. With the company growth there have been many unknowns in IT. I have always been responsible and a team player but with my promotion came a higher level of expectation from the department. The demands for IT have increased from all sides. Over the last year and a half I have learned to be a leader to my staff in difficult times and have gained confidence in being a decision maker. At first it was hard looking at your assessment of my skills.
With you and mentoring I have been able to make significant improvements, however I still have plenty of room for development and growth. Thank you for your invaluable help and guidance.

Marcus Howery, San Jose, CA

There comes a time in ones life where a traumatic situation has a way of upstaging even the most focused individuals. My story is not too uncommon from many, especially where the national statistic on divorce has reached an all time high among most Americans.

My story takes place some 15 years ago at a small Silicon Valley startup. To an outsider looking in, I appeared to have it all. Cursed with a charismatic personality that would open any door I wanted to enter was later determined to be my down fall. However, behind that facade laid a very distraught individual, a person with no focus, no established plan, and no motivation. The cause for this displacement was due to a very nasty divorce, which resulted in a very active social life, which left me basically, paralyzed professionally.

Harris Kern, for some unknown reason had taken a liking to me. As I indicated my charming disposition could capture any one’s attention. At first I wondered what could be his motive for taking such an interest in my well-being, my career and professional growth. The only thing he and I had in common was the small start up we happened to be employed at. However, that was the catalysis that united him and me. Harris’s approach to my recovery was nothing short of a premeditated attack with a very defined plan of action to put me back on track. But what track? He had no idea what track I needed to be on or wanted to be on. But that’s where observation and a genuine concern for individuals plays out time and time again.

Harris introduced me to concepts that became a way of life for me. Yes, a DISCIPLINE way of life. He introduced concepts like: drive for results, show work commitment, foster teamwork, provide direction and influence others. I had no idea what those terms meant, and I certainly didn’t think I manifested any of those qualities, however he did.

Harris showed me how the hallmark of an effective leader is clear focus and direction. Successful people operate with a vision of where they are going, and they use that vision to inspire other people and their organizations. Because he didn’t know me that well, his analogies were geared around work related situations. It was later when he bridged the gap and connected the concepts to my personal lifestyle.

Those months of being in my face (literally) quickly turned into years. Harris’s methods for me were severe because I was really on a self-destructive course. Again he informed me that people are most productive when they have a clear idea of what is expected of them, both on a daily basis and over a longer term. Being clear about organizational priorities enabled me to make appropriate decision that would affect me professionally and eventually personally.

His methods have proven to be life long skills I’ve used in many situations. He and I no longer work together. But those skills and qualities he drove in me play out everyday. I am a better person for it socially and professionally.

Mayra Muniz, NYC, NY

There are those who know Harris Kern only as the self-made author/publisher of Harris Kern’s Enterprise Computing Institute, as the IT specialist/organizational guru of Sun Microsystems, or as the physical fitness machine. What people do not know is how much he has influenced people’s lives and everything that they do. Harris has been known to encourage family, friends, and co-workers to be the most disciplined person that they can be regardless of circumstances, their personal mission in life, or vices.

My routine (5 days a week) was to awake at 3:15 AM, be at work by 5:50 AM and eventually be asleep by 11:00 PM the latest. I was surviving on 4 hours of sleep per day because as a single working mom my life was extremely full of responsibilities. Every minute of my day was crucial to accomplishing goals and meeting deadlines. Yet there were days that I felt like I had not accomplished enough or anything at all. Physically and emotionally, I felt like I was slowly deteriorating and yet I had zero vices contributing to the cause. My only vice was trying to live/carry out my responsibilities, regardless of the physical and emotional toll it was taking on me.

When I first met Harris in 1999, he taught me how to better manage my life. For instance, exercise a maximum of 6 hours a week to strengthen body, mind, and spirit, to eat healthy at all times (minimal amount of fatty foods) not just when at home, spend happy quality time with my kids, manage better my money to be able to enjoy some pleasures in life, and many others. Harris and I definitely had and have much in common, our long hectic days of 3AM to 11PM with work and family responsibilities. We take care of it all while still trying to take care of ourselves because frankly without our mental, emotional, and physical health, it would be impossible to care for any one or thing.

So I discovered that I had NEVER met anyone like Harris and yet I am a New Yorker, where we’re known for being unstoppable. Harris had out done virtually anyone he knew and that I had ever met in my lifetime. I was determined to make him my mentor for he’d research, he’d test, he’d adapt, and he’d survive time and time again. He had overcome all obstacles. His passion for his business and to excel by using Discipline never slowed down…he just never stopped. And even when the pace has intensified, he loves what he is doing. He encourages those of us who follow in his footsteps to accept the discipline, the challenge, and win. The time and energy we invest will pay off. I have worked with him, have read his books and to this day I trust the Discipline books, the Discipline Mentoring Program, and the person with everything that I am.

I can guarantee you that Harris practices what he preaches; he is not a false evangelist like so many out here. He backs up everything that he says and does with a system that ensures success. When people ask me why does he work so hard and what’s his next mission in life? I reply “only Harris knows because he feels he’s invincible as long as he has discipline by his side; he can accomplish anything. And I don’t say this because he’s vain, but because it’s TRUE.” “A person with a clear purpose will make progress on even the roughest road. A person with no purpose will not, on even the smoothest road.” Thomas Carlyle. That purpose starts with discipline.

Ronda Wells, Dallas, TX

I am currently working with Harris and am very pleased with the structure and progression I’ve made through his guidance.

Harris’ mentoring program is an ongoing process that can last as little or as long as you’d like given your situation. It is a structured and effective plan based on your own personal goals. The program includes an organized plan that will provide you with a “roadmap” of how to achieve self discipline, outline your attributes and challenges (which was helpful for me to see one paper), add perspective to where to place focus within the goals you’ve established for yourself and most importantly, for me, Harris’ program helped to establish realistic time frames for which to complete these goals.

Harris is extremely dedicated to this program and expects me to be as well. He has been diligent in holding me to my target dates for completing goals and has been a great motivator when challenges would seem to shift my attention. I can see a difference in the direction of my life and finally have confidence and hope that I will be able to achieve any goal I set for myself now that I have been able to discipline myself through Harris’ guidance.

Michael Pond, Charlotte, NC

Harris has helped me focus on the 2 most important priorities I was ignoring. I have a plan to address them each day and Harris helps keep me honest by holding me accountable. He calls me several days a week to discuss and update my progress. It has been a great growing experience. I am in the process of negotiating a promotion with my company as a direct result of work with Harris.

Alexander Lawrence, San Francisco, CA

Harris is an outstanding coach and mentor, particularly in regards to leadership development. His focus on building self discipline is very effective at creating concrete results. I’d recommend Harris to any individual or organization interested in making significant changes and improvements over a rapid time frame.

Rich Webster, Saratoga, CA

I met Harris some years ago while working at a large company in Silicon Valley and from that point on Harris has been a mentor for my career and personal life. I was what one would describe as a classic case study; young and energetic, but without any focus. Harris became the motivator that my life needed and became pivotal in me putting discipline in my life.

Before meeting Harris my ideal meal was anything but healthy and working out was measured in the amount of times I would get up off of the couch. After meeting Harris and listening to him preach his gospel regarding discipline, I began to become one of the many converts he has encountered in his life. I began watching the foods that I ate, actually started to use the health club membership, which previously gathered dust and began following his advice.

In the years since Harris and I met, I have become a very successful and wealthy individual, have become a parent of four beautiful girls and have finally found the focus in my life that was previously missing.

As I now read the books that Harris has written, I see that I was the beneficiary of his wisdom, prior to Harris putting pen to paper so that others could benefit. Having followed his guidance for the past 15 years I can honestly say that his methodologies do actually work, as long as you are willing to make the commitment and follow his advice.

Sid Davis, West Hills, CA

Let me start off by saying my name is Sid Davis, I am 62 years old. In 1997, I had a heart attack and 2 months later I had a second but light heart attack. At that time, I weighed 262 lbs. My doctor told me I needed to get into a gym or exercise program, so I then joined a gym.

In my first year, I lost about 30 lbs. (mostly water weight doing cardio). Then one day, I saw Mr. Harris Kern at the gym. I noticed how dedicated he was at the gym with his workouts. At this time I was only going 5 days a week, when I realized how dedicated he was I said “I can do that and be good at it.” So I then started going 6 days a week working out 2 hours per day (cardio & training with weights). By the second year, I had lost an additional 20 lbs. When I started following Mr. Kern’s lead, I started losing more weight and gaining muscle tone. Then I approached Mr. Kern, we started talking about discipline, I told him “I will get back into shape by your disciplinary actions, which we have talked about.” This was in 1998 when we first spoke. Now I have known Mr. Kern for 4 years, since I have lost 100 lbs.

Mr. Kern and I workout together often and also have become good friends. I have used discipline even in my diet. This has been harder for me because I enjoy the “bad foods,” but I have disciplined myself to overcome this obstacle. Now, my doctor can not believe how I have recovered from my heart attack. He took me off my blood pressure pills a year ago and has said my blood pressure is like that of a 19 year old man. Also my cholesterol medication has been dropped by 2/3rds from what it was. I have to thank Mr. Kern for leading me into his discipline program and for being my best friend.

Thank You, Harris

Juan Soriano, Los Angeles, CA

My name is Juan Soriano, Harris has been my mentor for some time now and I can’t remember ever being more productive and driven prior to his mentoring.

It’s the greatest feeling to know there is someone on my side on this journey. My health, business and personal accomplishments are due to Harris’s life changing advice and unrelenting drive to get me disciplined. I still have along way to go to be completely disciplined but I know I will be there one day with Harris’s help.

Tim Roberts, Atlanta, GA

I started working with Harris and my focus has completely changed. I get up between 6 & 7 each morning ( which use to be impossible for me ) I work out 6 days a week, read for at least an hour a day & I eat much healthier now that I’m working with him. And those simple changes have made a powerful impact on my thoughts & life because Harris teaches DISCIPLINE which forces you to take Responsibility AND to take ACTION.

Kevin Kryzda, Martin County, FL

Working with Harris will change the way you look at Life & the way you look at yourself. He makes you take responsibility for being Discipline & Creating the life you want rather than just waiting on it to happen.
If you are ready to change your life for the better & you’re ready for Real Results, then give Harris a call right now so you can start Living instead of just d reaming.

Michael Collins, Boston, Mass.

Harris Kern’s discipline mentoring has helped me begin to see the gift of committed action over a sustained period of time. In just a month of mentoring, I’ve developed habits that eluded me throughout my college and professional career. I’ve always been a high performer, but I’ve always known that without discipline, I wasn’t living up to my potential. Through working with Harris, I see that with discipline, not only am I capable of the goals I’ve set, I can do so much more.

Charleston Thomas, Minneapolis, Minn.

As an entrepreneur, I must make each day count just to stay above water. With our economy hitting an all time low I knew I would have to become more resourceful with my time and learn to do more with less. Harris Kern has been nothing but a great inspiration since the first day we met. On that day, he told me that he would not let me fail and since then I have witnessed Harris go above and beyond my wildest expectations to see to it that I was being productive with my time. Some days I really struggled with keeping commitments to myself. Harris empowered me by believing in me. I was not just letting myself down anymore.

I have not been on this journey for discipline long but I already see great things happening around me from the extra time and effort invested. Harris is teaching me how to consistently carry a sense of urgency and to limit the amount of time wasted day to day. With each accomplishment I become more confident that I can succeed.
If you struggle to find enough time to accomplish all your daily tasks I highly suggest consulting with Harris. He will go that extra mile to help you feel more productive with your days. The power we hold within is incredible and the more you challenge yourself the more you will be surprised by your own accomplishments.

Julie Gibson, Oshkosh, Wis.

Before hiring Self-Discipline Coach, Harris Kern, I had reached a career crisis that was bleeding into every area of my life. Career choices affect where you live, who you know, where the majority of your energy goes, etc. I have high aspirations, but did not have the focus or clarity to be the success I envisioned. I was depressed and had reached a point where I knew I needed help. Upon surfing the web for a legitimate life coach, I found Mr. Kern, who’s name seemed to proliferate the coaching arena. After one month of coaching i have a clear, realistic picture of my current situation. Mr. Kern equipped me with a simple, effective strategy to accomplish everyday tasks and goals. Very importantly, i am not left to flounder and fail because Mr. Kern checks in with me and my progress daily. Consequently i now have the confidence and energy to focus on the future. I personally am an achievement oriented person and I found his direct approach to work well for me. I expect to continue to make great strides in my professional and personal life.

Jihad Abdullah, Tempe AZ.

“I started working with Harris about three months ago. Over that period there’s been a drastic change in the way I operate. Instead of floating goals in my head, Harris and I sit down and MAKE SURE that the paths to those goals materialize. I’ve read countless self-help books focused on goal-setting, but up until this point there wasn’t a real concrete change. I contacted Harris as a career-focused college student, now after working with him I’ve defined exactly what I’m working toward and have gotten closer on a daily basis. It’s now evident to me that truly successful people have both clear goals and clear paths toward them – Harris helps you build both.”

Ryan DeRouchey, Los Angeles, CA

It’s now been almost 4 months since I have started working with Harris. Since the first day we began, things started changing right off the bat. When we first started we had a 2 hour conversation going over my weak and strong points. Harris let me know right off the bat that this was something that he takes very serious and I too must be ready to make the commitment for this or he will be unable to work with me.

Harris got me to understand the value of time and what it was truly worth. Installing a mental alarm in my head that gos off when I start getting lazy or slacking off. This is not something that I have perfected yet or have even came close to perfecting yet. But I have made very good progress since we first started.

Since we started working together I’ve been able to wake earlier and now am getting up at 6am to get a head start on my day. Cook all my meals, being very health conscious of what I consume. Also I am in the middle of a body transformation and have been committed to going to the gym daily in the mornings. Harris even gets together with me once a week to personally train me in the gym.

I definitely recommend Harris to anyone who is serious about making changes in their life. He has been a great mentor and coach for me and I look forward to our future together. It helps so much to have someone by your side to give you that extra push that you need in life.

Paul Reddick, San Jose, CA

“If you are like me, you have struggled with the disparity between your mind and your actions. On the one hand, you know there are certain things you should/want to do, but on the other hand, you never seem to be able to do them, do them all, and be consistent about doing them. Like me, you may have made elaborate plans, including a workout plan, a business plan, a sales plan, a diet plan, but you never did all of them at once nor were you able to stick with any of them long enough to see results. I have been frustrated with this scenario most of my life.

I was quite skeptical of Harris Kern and the services he purported to offer, but, being frustrated enough, I went with him on a test basis. By working with Mr. Kern, I was somehow able to overcome the resistance I have had to all the ‘shoulds’ in my life and get with a program that is quickly producing results, but more importantly, increasing substantially the enjoyment I get out of my work, my activities and my relationship. I would urge you to give Mr. Kern a try and see what he can do for you.”

Mark Dlugozima, Atlanta GA

I chose Harris Kern over 3 other business coaches because he was the most aggressive and self-assured, two traits I wanted to strengthen in my own life. I was struggling at work with a demanding boss, so I figured the best coach to get was one that was just as demanding. I thought, “Who better to teach me how to have a successful working relationship with my boss than a coach who was most like my boss?” I actually feared working with Harris because he said he would be relentless until I improved. I am so glad I picked him. Harris calls me at 7:00 AM East Coast time, which means he is up at 4:00 AM on the West Coast! He wants to make sure I get to work on time and am ready to own the day. What comes through in every pep talk with Harris is his genuine interest in my personal and professional growth. He won’t let you down, and just as critical, he won’t let you let yourself down. Harris rocks!

Michael Ellis, San Diego CA

I have been working with Harris, over the last few months to improve my focus and discipline. In that time Harris has helped me make phenomenal improvements in my self-discipline and focus both in my business endeavors and in my personal life. For Example; one of the amazing improvements that I have made is the loss of 35lbs of body fat in 3.5 months just through the application of his self-discipline techniques. I’m looking forward to more improvements in my performance in all areas.

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