IT Web Services

A Roadmap for the Enterprise

First edition; 355 pages
ISBN: 0-13-009719-5
( by: Alex Nghiem )

IT Web Services


Architectures, platforms, roles, business models, and deployment realities.

“Alex’s book offers a framework for assessing how a business can define areas where Web services can add real value in the near term. As a manager, I found the book highly readable and relevant in business terms, as well as technical.”

— Randy Pilkenton, Managing Principal, Headstrong

“At long last an honest well rounded perspective on the appropriate usage of Web services.”

— Carl Sturmer, Senior Architect, Ebates Shopping

“I believe that this book will help define the essential terms and services that will be the building blocks and stucco of future web-based applications.”

— Joe Sisto, Vice President, North Highland Company

The complete Web Services briefing for every strategist, architect, CIO, and CTO.

Web Services offer immense potential for reducing integration costs and accelerating the delivery of new products and services. But Web Services technologies are evolving at breakneck speed, making it extremely difficult to define strategies and make choices. In IT Web Services, Alex Nghiem offers a comprehensive, up-to-the-minute roadmap for every IT decision-maker. This book’s unique 360 degree view of the marketplace will help you objectively assess architectures, platforms, and business models alike—and its early-adopter interviews offer powerful insights into the realities of deployment.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Objectively assess the promised benefits of Web Services in your organization
  • Identify the optimal short- and long-term roles for Web Services
  • Understand the Web Services stack: XML, SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI
  • Understand the role of ebXML, WSFL, and the interoperability groups
  • Choose the right enterprise Web Services architectures and models
  • Compare Microsoft .NET and leading J2EE technology implementations
  • Maximize security and scalability: emerging mechanisms and best practices
  • Utilize value-added Web Services networks for provisioning, messaging, reporting, and resolving non-repudiation

Define your high-level Web Services implementation plan

Leading experts and analysts agree, “Alex avoids unnecessary complexity and delivers clarity to the over-hyped Web Services topic. IT Web Services is a necessary handbook for all parties interested in Web Services.”

About the Author

Alex Nghiem , is President of Blue Samba Solutions, LLC, an Atlanta, GA-based firm specializing in lowering IT integration costs through the use of Web Services technologies. He previously founded a middleware and application server development firm, Global Objects, and sold it to a leading CRM solutions firm. As founder of Global Objects, Inc., Nghiem was a leader in the rapid delivery of e-business solutions to Fortune 500 clients such as BellSouth and Bank of America.

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