Managing the New Enterprise

The Proof, Not The Hype

First edition; 240 pages
ISBN 0-13-231184-4
( by: Harris Kern, Randy Johnson, Michael Hawkins, and Andrew Law with William Kennedy )

Managing the New Enterprise


In this follow-up to the best-selling Rightsizing the New Enterprise, the authors discuss the revolution and change in corporate computing. They have done it. They know what it takes to transition from legacy systems and successfully manage a new heterogeneous client/server distributed computing environment. Contrary to popular perceptions, the problems are only partly technology; the real challenges are in revamping Information Technology (IT) to meet changing business requirements, typical in the new enterprise of the ’90s.

Managing the New Enterprise provides a solid technology foundation for the advanced networking and systems you need to build your New Enterprise. It tells you how to re-engineer your traditional IT practices by starting with a solid support infrastructure, all the while reducing costs!

Topics include:

  • Creating reliable, available, and serviceable UNIX distributed systems
  • Building a production-quality enterprise network
  • Re-engineering IT to meet the demands of the New Enterprise
  • Improving customer satisfaction while trimming costs
  • Managing a decentralized system with centralized controls
  • Selecting the right systems management tools and standards

As with the earlier book, Managing the New Enterprise is based on the authors’ real-life experiences. It’s about relevant, critical solutions to issues challenging corporate computing in the 1990s and beyond. It’s the proof, not the hype.

“Managing the New Enterprise is not about theoretical research. It is a survival guide. It’s about how YOUR business must — and CAN — change how it uses technology to be successful. Read this book, then go do likewise.”– Michael McCarthy, President and Publisher, SunWorld Online

About the Author

Harris Kern, formerly Sun’s Data Center and System Administrator Manager in Milpitas, CA, now supports marketing and sales worldwide. He implemented and then supported Sun’s first 24-hour, 7-day-a-week UNIX production environment for mission-critical applications.

Randy Johnson, President of R&H Associates, is a full-time rightsizing consultant. He formerly held two key positions in Sun’s IT department: he was responsible for implementing Sun’s Wide Area Network (SWAN) and later managed Sun’s Corporate Data Center.

Michael W. Hawkins has more than 15 years experience designing, implementing, and managing networks. His expertise includes large multivendor multiprotocol networks, SNA integration, network management, security, and e-mail integration.

Andrew Law,is a pioneer in the evaluation of software and hardware products to support network and system management processes. He was an advisory systems programmer at Sun Microsystems’ Milpitas Data Center..

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