Technology Strategies

Managing Technology, Value, and Change in the New Economy

First edition; 300 pages
ISBN 0-13-027957-9
( by:Cooper Smith )

Technology Strategies


The role and value of technology: long-term perspectives and in-depth insights

  • Step-by-step techniques for defining IT strategies and methodologies that work.
  • What information technology cannot do — now, and in the future.
  • A highly accessible, example-rich guide by the former Director of Technology at Nickelodeon Digital Lab and Animation Studios.

Suddenly, the business of technology and the technology of business have become one and the same. To succeed, managers, IT administrators, and developers need unprecedented clarity about the role of information technology. They need the long-term perspective that can only come with an in-depth understanding of how we got here, and where we’re headed. In Technology Strategies, Cooper Smith provides all that, and more. No other book offers insights as wide-ranging — or management guidance as useful. In the first half of the book, Cooper Smith offers an in-depth history of the use of information technology in business, showing how computers moved from being an “add-on,” like copiers and traditional business equipment, to an integral component of every business process. In Section II, Cooper Smith leverages that knowledge, showing readers how to develop practical strategies and methodologies for managing technology in the future — both from an individual and organizational perspective. Smith presents new opportunities for leveraging technology for competitive advantage, and also identifies key limitations of information technology — limitations that can be overcome by new processes and enhancements, as well as limitations that are inherent to computers and organizations themselves.

About the Author

Cooper Smith, former director of technology at Nickelodeon Digital Lab and Animation Studios, is currently the CTO at Education World, a Web site geared toward teachers and students. He holds an engineering degree from Harvard.

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