Managing IT as an Investment – Preface

Partnering for Success

First edition; 191 pages
ISBN: 0-13-009627-X
( by: Harris Kern and Kenneth Moskowitz )


This book seeks to demonstrate how the consistent application of a few very basic premises will lead to professional success (and personal satisfaction) in Information Technology.

CEO’s will find what their Information Technology function can contribute and how to maximize its value to the enterprise.

Executive Managers will learn how to market and enhance their value to the enterprise.

Line Managers will learn how to accelerate their career path.

Aspiring Managers will understand and master the “rules of the game.”

Through actual examples, we will provide rules-of-thumb and an intuitive, as well as an intellectual, understanding of these basic principles.

IT Automation
The Quest for “Lights Out”: Data center automation in distributed environments.
CIO Wisdom
Best Practices from Silicon Valley’s Leading IT Experts
IT Services
Costs, Metrics, Benchmarking, and Marketing: Delighting IT customers: your real-world, start-to-finish guide
CIO Wisdom II
More Best Practices from Leading IT Experts
IT Architecture Toolkit
Less theoretical, more practical approach to developing and implementing enterprise architecture.
IT People
Doing More with Less. Best practices for managing the people within the IT organization.
Data Warehousing
Architecture and Implementation: A start-to-finish process for deploying successful data warehouses
Building Professional Services
The Sirens’ Song: A comprehensive guide to creating a professional services organization
IT Problem Management
The complete “best practices” guide to IT problem resolution.
IT Organization
Building a World-Class Infrastructure.
IT Web Services
A Roadmap for the Enterprise: Architectures, platforms, roles, business models, and deployment realities.
Software Development
Building Reliable Systems.
IT Production Services
Building Competitive Advantage: Describes one of the most important functions of an IT infrastructure
Managing IT as an Investment
Partnering for Success: Maximizing the value of technology—and the success of your IT organization.
High Availability
Design, Techniques and Processes: The complete how-to guide for maximizing availability of enterprise systems
IT Systems Management
Design, Implement, and Manage World-Class Infrastructures.
Technology Strategies
Managing technology, value, and change in the new economy.
Web-Based Infrastructures
A 4-D Framework: Maximize the value of your next Web-centered initiative.

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